Hello Reader,

For two years running I have given training at BSidesCLE in Practical Defensive Python which has allowed me to share my passion with a small group of individuals. But I want more. I want to give back to the larger community. I stand on the shoulders of giants, and I feel the burden that gives me is to give back prolifically. So, I have started this blog to share all I can on using Python to develop and bolster Defenses in your environment. Defenses against malicious actors. Defenses against accidental behavior from users. Defenses against the mistakes even you might make (I mean, you're only human, right?).

So away we go, off into the wild blue yonder. This blog will include practical ways to use Python towards the goal of making you a better InfoSec Blue-Team member. I also intend it to be a focal point where I can disseminate and elaborate on examples of the use of Python for defensive work in the real world.

Good Luck & Happy Hacking,

=> Charles